"A lay Catholic perspective"

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Opening the Doors

by Mark Fetherston


It's a funny world... I don't mean "funny ha ha."

Our country is among the most advanced civilizations in the modern world, yet in 1997, 33 babies were aborted for every 100 born. Our increasing level of tolerance for immorality, seemingly of all kinds, is matched by a growing societal intolerance for true religion. Police in Quebec virtually ignored an invasion of a Catholic parish by a band of militant anti-Catholics, calling their blasphemous rantings a valid expression of opinion, while an Ontario businessman was fined heavily for refusing to actively promote homosexuality.

In the midst of all this we hear the Church's call to "Open wide the doors to Christ." Our Pope leads the way by humbly and publicly apologizing for wrongs inflicted by members of our Church on others.

We, too, are invited to make more room for Jesus in our lives. In this issue we are offering a meditation on different ways that Mercy makes itself known to us. One beautiful manifestation of mercy in our day is the Charismatic Renewal, which we look at from a few different angles.

Enjoy the issue, we've had a lot of joy putting it together.

- M.F.