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of Caroline and Rod Lorenz


Caroline and Rod Lorenz named their ministry, Christero Communications, of Lloydminster, SK, after the 'Christeros', "those almost forgotten indigenous Mexicans who gave their lives rather than deny their faith at the beginning of the 20th century." The Lorenzes minister to aboriginal people across Western Canada.

Rod: "Our involvement with Native ministries goes back a number of years. In 1984 Caroline and I were invited by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate to work as lay missionaries. Through their sponsorship we undertook a year of preparatory studies at Kisemanito Centre in Grouard, Alberta. At that time Kisemanito Centre was a training centre for Catholic Native people interested in ministry. It is no longer operating. After that we spent several years working alongside the Oblates on reserves in Saskatchewan. We returned to Kisemanito Centre in 1989 where I worked on staff. Our present tract ministry began only recently — in 1993.

"Caroline's background is Cree. She grew up on the reserves and is familiar with the language and customs of her people as well as the difficulties faced by indigenous Christians. Her faith journey began with the Pentecostals who introduced her to Jesus and He then guided her home to the Catholic Church. Most of her time is now taken up with caring for our five very active children, ages eight to fifteen.

"As for myself, although I grew up in a good Catholic home, by the time I was finished high school I was no longer sure of the meaning or purpose of life, or even if it had any. After several years of searching I was brought to deep conviction of the reality of Christ and of my place in His Body, the Church. This search for truth, and the struggle with various religious beliefs, and the joy of finding the true faith, left me with an abiding interest in apologetics and a desire to share my faith. Before meeting Caroline I spent some time working in a Franciscan mission school in Peru and also helping out in Indian missions in B.C.

"Caroline and I have also been involved with the Native Cursillo movement, Pro-Life, the Charismatic Renewal, and the Pilgrimage programme. (This programme is a way of helping people with alcohol or drug addictions by means of the Sacraments.)"