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Marching for Jesus in Calgary

by Cassandra Blom


MARCH FOR JESUS is the coming together of Christians from every denomination, race and culture to proclaim publicly the one belief we all hold in common: Jesus Christ is Lord and worthy to praised! We praise him publicly because he is worthy. In Matthew 10:32-33 our Lord tells us "Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge before my Father in Heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in Heaven."

Participation in March for Jesus is an incredible experience. Being surrounded by so many jubilant Christians, singing together the truth and salvation of the Gospel is almost indescribable. For me, next to receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, I imagine this is the closet experience of heaven on earth! Afterall, isn't this what the multitudes of angels do all day? Praise the Lord!

Calgary is somewhat lacking in good facilities to hold the beginning and ending activities that accompany a March for Jesus. After much negotiation last year, we were able to procure the smallest usable area in Stampede Park. It was quite lacking in such amenities as sufficient washrooms and we had to bring in porta-potties at additional expense. We also had to bring in stage and sound equipment at considerable additional expense.

This year when the people responsible for that aspect of our March met with the Stampede representatives, they were astonished by God's care! We were offered a much larger site, complete with an already established stage (and cover), more washrooms and concessions, security staff and clean-up crew — all for the same price!

Broadcasting the music on march day has many logistical problems attached to it. Attendance at a march is directly influenced by how many people know about March for Jesus. Getting the word out is an enormous challenge. So, after years of struggling Calgary finally has its own Christian radio station. And the owner is a major promoter of March for Jesus. He has come to us and offered to broadcast the march live, on site and air live interviews leading up to the March. He not only doesn't want any financial remuneration for this; he doesn't even care if we give him credit.

As March for Jesus approaches the year 2000, we remember why we count the years the way we do. We long for all men and women who pray Our Father to be united as brothers and sisters under one holy, catholic and apostolic church. In Calgary we say a resounding Yes! Yes! Yes!