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Album Review

by Gary Flater


Mark Mallet:   Deliver Me From Me

THROUGHOUT MARK MALLETT's CD album we encounter God's mercy in the face of our sinfulness and human weakness. Mark has endured trials at the hand of God and in his flesh and won victory through God's grace and perseverance. Any musical gift gains power by embracing the cross.

The track "Deliver Me From Me" expresses very well the struggle between the flesh and the Spirit. It is a prayer that shows confidence in God's mercy. "The Prodigal" talks of one who has strayed and desires only to be with God. The line "under the shelter of your wings" from the chorus focuses our thoughts on the all encompassing mercy of God.

Deliver Me From Me offers a laid back sound allowing the listener to sit back and let the words and music wash over him or her. Many of the lyrics are ballads played in a country-folk guitar style, adding an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation to the CD's overall tone.

A visit to Mark's web-site (www.markmallett.com) not only provides some biographical information and a glimpse of the vision that Mark has been given, it offers us encouragement for our own journeys. The Lord needs apostles like Mark to advance his kingdom.