"A lay Catholic perspective"

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A Miraculous Life

by Cassandra Blom


A  FEW MONTHS AGO, I was sitting in the waiting room at a local hospital while my daughter had some minor surgery. I struck up a conversation with another lady who noticed the cross I was wearing and said, "I gather you're a Christian?" After I replied affirmatively she began to tell me an incredible story.

After the birth of her fourth child, she developed some medical complications and ultimately had to have a hysterectomy. She and her husband were very happy with their four children, but also a little sad that they would not be having any more kids, as they were both very open to life. Being practicing Christians, they experienced the Lord's reassurance that even though they had chosen the surgery that would end their "openness to life" he was very pleased with them because even in this they still surrendered their lives to him.

Five years later, this lady went to her doctor complaining of stomach 'flu symptoms that just wouldn't let up. After a thorough check up, the doctor announced that "you are pregnant!!" But no one could explain how that could be since she no longer had ovaries, fallopian tubes or a uterus. She was immediately rushed to the hospital were the doctors discovered through ultrasound that a perfectly healthy baby, complete with umbilical cord, was developing attached to her intestines.

The doctors wanted to perform surgery and "remove the baby" immediately as it put the mother's life in extreme jeopardy. However, both parents were emphatic that if God had gone to all this effort to arrange for them to have another child, he would also provide for that mother and child.

And so he did. After about seven months of total bed rest, a beautiful healthy baby was delivered only slightly premature by Cesarean section.

The Father showed his mercy to this child by placing her with parents who would cherish her life no matter what the cost. He showed his mercy to these parents by giving them the joy of another child. Furthermore, he allowed his mercy to be shown to the family through all the friends, neighbours and relatives who helped during those long months that the mother was bedridden and hospitalized.

That baby is now a happy, healthy eleven-year-old girl. How many people's lives have been touched by this story? This is the Father's mercy for each of us also. I cannot doubt his love when He arranges such miraculous proof of how much he cares for every single life.