"A lay Catholic perspective"

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by Mark Fetherston


When Justice Fails

ALTHOUGH ALARMING, the constitutional exemption granted in the North Battleford sentencing of Robert Latimer, who freely admits the mercy-killing [there is an oxymoron!] of his daughter Tracy, is not completely out of character for our judiciary. With yearly abortions numbering in the thousands in Winnipeg alone, clearly our political leaders and our legal system have not hesitated to abandon those whom they are most obliged to protect: the weak and the helpless.

This has happened against the wishes of the people of Canada. Every federally-elected political party has espoused a pro-life stance; yet our country is devaluing human life at an alarming rate. Politician after politician lacks the courage and moral fibre to "vote his conscience", instead copping out to the spineless and corrupt, "I am personally pro-life, but the people I represent...."

Abortion is an odious oppression of women that kills babies and traumatizes mothers. Its legal availability as a method of birth control leads to considerable pressure being put on many vulnerable women to cooperate in the destruction of their own babies. The untrustworthiness of those to whom we delegate the duty to represent us with moral laws is devastating to those victimized by their corruption.

For the past week or so, our community has been praying and fasting for a young woman — I'll call her "J". We have never met her, but when J found out she was pregnant, we were asked to pray for her. Although she wanted to keep the baby, her parents insisted J have an abortion and booked an appointment with the Morgentaler Clinic to have the procedure done within a few days. Against her judgement and choice, J was pressured into terminating the life of her own child. As you can imagine, J is going through a very difficult time emotionally and psychologically as she grapples with what she has done. Please pray for her.

I wish J was an isolated case. She is not.

- M.F.