"A lay Catholic perspective"

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by Mark Fetherston


?EARING IT like it is!

There are many voices competing with the voice of the Church for our attention. The noise that comes from newspapers, radio, T.V., music, and movies can be overwhelming; while the voice of the Church is more like a gentle breeze, sometimes almost too quiet to even notice. Yet, it is crucial for us to receive the word of God that we hear from the Church, and accept it not as a human word but as it truly is, the Word of God, a living power among us who believe (cf 1 Th 2:13).

Since our last issue, my brother Doug went home to be with the Lord. In the early '70s, Doug and his dear wife Heather shared a profound experience of the reality of God's love which radically altered the path of their lives. I am so grateful that they were able to hear the voice of Jesus in the Church. Their conversion led to my own. Kneeling beside my brother's coffin, feeling God's holy presence and, with it, the conviction that Doug is with the Lord is among the greatest consolations of my life.

Several years ago Neil gave a series of lectures which provided a historical perspective to the Reformation. Those who attended were blessed with a sense of security in Jesus' providential care for his Church. After some years of persuasion, Neil has put these talks into article form so we could share them with you. They will be published in a special section at the end of each Olive Leaf for the next few issues.

Another new thing: Dennis "Max" Hengebeld has graciously given us permission to publish his "Reverend Fun" cartoons in Olive Leaf. We find these cartoons humorous and a even little insightful. Let us know what you think.

Enjoy the issue.

- M.F.