"A lay Catholic perspective"

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You gotta Believe

by Mark Fetherston


BE CAREFUL ABOUT accepting the world's publicity at face value. An entire industry of entertainment has grown to monstrous proportions by extolling the thrill of lust, violence, greed, and a host of other sins. Not content with the glorification of evil, our society is venturing into the condemnation of goodness. Subtly and overtly, people and organizations promoting holiness are systematically undermined. Pro-life organizations lose their right to issue income tax receipts and the womb becomes an increasingly dangerous place to nurture God's creation.

Our society often promotes evil as good and condemns good as evil, asserting "tolerance" as its idolatrous form of Christianity, all the while plying a rabid intolerance upon goodness. No wonder we get confused.

However, even in the midst of this confusion, Jesus sends us his Holy Spirit to guide us to all truth. Each of us receives the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, formed the Church, inspired martyrs and healed the sick. Our precious Jesus does not offer to make us comfortable in this world but as we remain in him we will be victorious over sin and death.

In this issue we look at the struggles we face when we decide to give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit and his action comforming us to God's love. (It strikes me that, last year being the Year of the Holy Spirit, you will want to be sure not to miss our He's Coming in Glory issue, due out six months after the Rapture.) In a special section, three of our writers — Joanne, Christopher and Colin — offer a behind the scenes glimpse at our Community, sharing how the Holy Spirit has moved in their lives to bring about deepening conversion.

Thank you for all the kind comments we received on our new format — it seems we are becoming the bathroom and backpack journal of choice. Enjoy the issue.

- M.F.