"A lay Catholic perspective"

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Amen, Hallelujah!

by Theresa Burke


Do whatever he tells you (John 2:6).

THESE SIMPLY PROFOUND WORDS, spoken by Mary to the servant at the wedding feast of Cana, are words to live by. Jesus began his public ministry with this gentle command of his mother, and through his preaching, teaching, suffering, dying and rising he showed us the way to the God the Father and the glory of everlasting life.

And eternal life is this:

To know you, the only true God,
And Jesus Christ whom you have sent
(John 17:3).

Our bountiful God yearns for us to come to him and has fashioned a unique plan for each of us to make the journey sure and straight. We will see and recognize this path if we but listen to him in the scriptures, in our prayer time, through others who love him. Of course we are free to reject his plan and travel another road of our own choosing. Even if we say "no", "not yet" or "maybe" he remains faithful and merciful.

But if we say "yes", if we do whatever he tells us, we open the doors to his awesome majesty and allow him to move lovingly and powerfully in our lives and in the lives of those around us. When Pius and I agreed to move thousands of miles from home, as we believed he wanted us to do, what an adventure he had in store for us.

At Saint Patrick's Church, we were welcomed and quickly put to work; for the first time ever I became a minister of the Eucharist, truly an honour and a privilege and a gift. I am overcome with awe and gratitude each time I stand shoulder to shoulder with the priest and perform this heaven-sent task. To think that God has allowed me to present the body and blood of his Son to my brothers and sisters! I pray that his love might radiate through me, through this sublime sacrament, into the hearts of his people.

The Living Waters Prayer Group, a handful of holy men and women striving to do God's will in their lives, were happy to have us aboard and put us straight to work. We have been blessed with the friendship of George and Evelyn, a beautiful couple who walk with the Lord and have a special devotion to the Blessed Mother and to God the Father. I have learned so much from them about the wonder of prayer and the power of God.

Our community of Cornwallis Park in the Annapolis Valley is a meeting place for folks from all over the country, many searching for meaning and fulfillment, searching for God: We have much work to do.

It is my hope and prayer that when our loving Father welcomes me into his kingdom I can say with certainty that I have sought to do whatever he told me. Jesus showed the way.

I have glorified you on earth
And finished the work
That you gave me to do
(Jn 17:4).